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Hey folks, the dudes and dudettes over at The L Magazine did a great feature article on Do-It-Yourself Music making, and I’m gonna post it below for the posterity. It’s by Jeff Klingman, and it’s great advice on places to play, people to see and everything inbetween for newbies to the Brooklyn scene.

The Brooklyn DIY Music Scene: A User’s Guide (more…)


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With the weather warming up, people are leaving their comfy couches for the green grass and heading out in droves to Prospect Park and Central Park. Now, there’s a better reason than a cold 40oz. to head there, because the NYC summer music schedules have all been released! Here’s the round up of all the great (mostly free!) shows that are gonna be around the city this summer (more…)

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Hey folks,
Things are going astoundingly well these days, I’m still working out the kinks in getting my book up and out into the world, as well as writing part-time for Death and Taxes magazine, and also kickin’ it as an Art Instructor for Manhattan public schools.
But just cause I’m busy don’t mean I ain’t still a starving artist. In fact, as I write this I’m cooking up a sizable pan of rice and beans for a killer burrito, the recipe for which you can find in The Starving Artist’s Guide To New York City on page 103.
But speaking of food, I read a great article in The L Magazine that is about food stamps in their most recent “The Unemployment Guide” edition on newsstands now. Gotta love it. Anyways, here’s a link to one man’s journey to attempting to obtain precious Food Stamps. It’s called “Food Stamps Denied,” and it’s by Henry Stewart. It makes me wanna try to get ’em myself.


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