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Well, the autumn chill is in the air around Brooklyn, and I’ve been meaning to update starvingartistsguide.com for a long while, and finally have chance to do so. Life is good and creativity for me is at an all-time high; I’ve been working feverishly to get the Starving Artist’s Guide to NYC in bookstores for the holiday season, writing out a first draft for a new children’s book, working on a passion project that will meld philosophy, humor and my doodle sketches, trying to record a new demo of sorts, teaching sculpture and woodworking classes, and trying to learn how to read music!!!
So, consequently, this website has unfortunately been compromised as far as being continually updated. But fear not! I’ve also been working on a 2011 Addendum for those of you who enjoyed the tone of The Starving Artist’s Guide, which will be updates regarding everything within the book, including cheap restaurant reviews I’ve done in the past year, very important new websites that all artists need to know about, perhaps some more interview stuff, and an additional reference section of places to check out! Also, I’ll have to mention that some of the original material, such as my recommendation for using ninjavid.net is no longer valid, seeing that the U.S. Government seized their website, shut them down and are in the process of suing the bejeezus out of them for all sorts of copyright infringement. All good things must eventually come to an end. There’s always that legally-murky river of torrents out there…
But I digress.
The 2011 SAG Addendum, hopefully, will be out on January 1st, 2011, in keeping with the one year anniversary of the “official” release of the book. It will probably be free to download, but I will certainly allow you to purchase a physical copy for around $4 on lulu.com. Future purchases of the original book will contain the addendum at the back of the book.
So, with that out of the way, I wanted to help give some motivation about creativity and how to inspire it, seeing as it seems to be flowing pretty well for me these days . So here are five ways to inspire your own creativity!



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