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Cold Dark Night

This is a poem/drawing that I wrote for inclusion in the new book, but was unfortunately not able to make the cut due to a change in direction for where I wanted the book to go. But it’s an awesome, standalone poem worthy of your eyes! The main inspiration was the family dogs Jake and Finn, who always manage to get up in the middle of the night and bark into the abyss.


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Cover for the New Book, Due Out In January


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Songs of 2010

So as you read this, websites like NPR.org, Paste, Time Out New York, and The L Magazine are all coming out with “Best Albums of 2010” lists, but who has time (or money, really) to listen to whole albums these days? Where the money’s really at these days is in songs. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite songs for 2010. Enjoy! (more…)

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