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Some say that Seasonal Anxiety Disorder is one of the reasons that New York City folk are so angry all the time. Well, I tend to agree. It was during the doldrums of winter that I got the idea to make my own wine bottle lamp to give my room a boost in light and make it a bit more homey. It was this lamp that had me branded “the dude’s version of Martha Stewart” by a friend that saw it. I’ll wear that badge proudly. The idea began to flourish when I wrote an email to one of the guys at Brooklyn Brewery and asked him if they would send me around 200 BB beer bottle caps to make the bottle lamp really look awesome. They came through and totally delivered. I bought a wine bottle lamp cork kit here.
Once it was completed, another idea struck me–I had a bunch of old LED Christmas lights up to no use, and I’ve always saved the old Brooklyn Brewery bottles that I buy once finishing their tasty and nutritious contents…

Thus, the Brooklyn Brewery Chandelier was born.

I couldn’t get enough lamps. It became a night of passionate lamp building and it was going on one o’clock in the morning. I also had an old Hitachino Beer bottle and a wierd old glass orb hanging around. Sure! That could be a lamp!

Another odd lighting choice was born. So for the cost of a few christmas lights, some twine to keep the chandelier up, a few extension chords and a bit of ingenuity, my little abode is lit to the max for the pennies it costs to use LED lights. The same thing can be done using old wine bottles or whatever you have laying around the house! Viva la Home Decor! For Full Resolution pictures of these projects, click through! (more…)


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This is the directory. It’s huge, and it took me a long time to put together. If you ever need to find any place around New York City that is cool, you’ll probably be able to find it here. I’m currently doing a few things, as always, including but not limited to: brewing a batch of strawberry Octoberfest, working on some songs to play at Path Cafe’s Thursday Open Mic night, editing a super secret project of which details will be released very soon, finishing up final edits for the 2011 Starving Artist’s Guide Addendum, and some other stuff too. I’m also going to update the LINKS section of this site this week. Stay tuned!


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