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Starting the Next Chapter

Hey folks,

Today marks the birth of my new website, sublimeminds.com, an umbrella site for the Starving Artist’s Guide. On the new site, I’ll do artist interviews, book reviews, album reviews and eventually begin releasing books and albums under the Sublime Minds Press Label. I’ll also ask outside writers to do pieces for the blog to get a broader scope of the world today My goal is to lead a conversation about deepening our consciousness and motivate our audience (including you!) to become vocal about your own ideas in a constructive, innovative manner. I also want to throw big parties every time we release anything from Sublime Minds.
So if you feel like you are a good fit for being featured on Sublime Minds, contact me at sublimemindspress@gmail.com.
I want to push the envelope. To begin, I started with a pretty crazy story that you had to see to believe…Thank god for cellphone cameras! These pictures were not doctored in ANY way, shape, or form. Check out the story here!


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