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The Urban Survival Guide

** This is an excerpt from The Urban Survival Guide, the most recent update to The Starving Artist’s Guide to New York City. It’s available as a free download here (also, it’s cooler looking than plain text), or for $7 as a paperback here.

A Re-introduction to The Starving Artist’s Guide

            It’s happening all around us. The world seems to be
spinning out of control. Tsunamis, hurricanes, blizzards,
earthquakes. Why does mother nature seem so pissed off these
days? What happened to our sense of connection to nature? Why
is it that so many people seem so unhappy? Can we stand up and
change our society? How can we prepare for the worst while not
giving up our sense of well being?

             I won’t answer all of these cinder block-shaped questions
in the short time I have in this (mini?)book. This is not a guide on outdoor survival. If you want one of those, pick up a copy of The Armed Forces Survival Manual. It has all the information a layman needs to survive in harsh, outdoor conditions. Or catch up on some Man vs. Wild or, my favorite, SurvivorMan (both available on Netflix.)

On the contrary, this book is for the young soul who
moves to New York City or another creativity-driven city in the hopes that they will make something of themselves in the world of art, music, comedy, film etc. Having lived here for over four years, I know a few of the pitfalls along the strange journey that NYC has to offer.

       This is only an addendum. Pick up a copy of the first
edition to see a ton of other advice that I’m not going to repeat in this document. It’s got everything you’ll ever need, and then you can move up to speed by reading this here thing in front of you.



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