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imageWhen writing a song, it’s good to dissect it into its various parts: lyrics, musical composition, arrangement, recording and mixing/mastering.
Everyone has a different method of coming up with a finished song, and there really is no right or wrong way to go about it, but I will share my tried and true way of writing and recording a song like this one.
Lets dive in.


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Moonshine Happy Hour Club

Ghost, Goblins and Ghouls beware! Cohosts Kevin Prockup and Ethan Runco talk about ghosts, ghouls, goblins, our personal hopes and fears, and a whole lot more.

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Last month saw the release of This Will Swallow You Whole, a book I wrote on philosophy, time and the evolution of consciousness. If you haven’t read it yet, take some time to read it! It only takes about a half hour from cover to cover, and the link above will bring you to a beautiful PDF version of the book. If you’re too lazy for that, I did an audio book version available here, read by yours truly.

This month ushers in a collection of songs that I’ve been working on for two years, collectively called Holograms. I recorded it over the course of two days the whole album is available for free download here*.

Sales of SAG have been increasing, and I’m very excited about the work that I’ve been putting in on the 2011 Addendum. Since it looks like I’ve been working on a one release a month schedule, perhaps it will be available in March? I keep pushing it back, but eventually it will be done! I’ve also decided to expand and create Sublime Minds Press, a new outlet to publish my work, as well as other authors as well. In the coming weeks, I’ll be unveiling a new website and will probably begin posting from there instead of here. This website will be updated to pertain only to SAG activity, while the Sublime Minds Press website will be all-encompassing.

In SAG news, I got to check out a free showing of the new documentary “Home” at Village East Cinemas. If you’re in the NYC area, definitely order up some tickets here.

*If you’re wondering why I’m releasing it for free, here’s why: I want you to actually listen to it! I have a stable job, and I don’t need to charge people for something that essentially was free to make. I didn’t have to press any cds for this album, so I didn’t pay for that upfront cost. What I do want from you is this: If you like the album, or books or whatever, tell other people about it! I want to spread my ideas, and I’m counting on you to help me. You can also buy physical copies of the books in the goods section of this blog.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter, despite the near weekly blizzards! Stay warm and safe, and enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend.


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They say no news is good news, and in this case, it’s true.
I’ve been hard at work writing new book, which is stranger and more quixotic than I’d ever imagined. I’ve been reading a lotttt of metaphysical books, zen poetry and the like, and it’s turned this new work into some hybrid zen verse/philosophy beast. The main theme, I suppose, is how in the natural world, everything is either eaten or eating. How do we come to terms with this? No mouse is ever particularly worried about being eaten, nor any snake worried about being eaten by some white snow owl. And thus it continues. Nothing ever really is extinguished, but the mouse becomes part of the snake, which then becomes part of the owl, which humans then trade on the black market because of Harry Potter movies.
But I digress.
In other news, I’m still working hard on my more “practical” 2011 Addendum to the Starving Artist’s Guide, which will be free for anyone with a computer and a “right click to download” button on January 1st, 2011. No excuses!
It’ll be about 30-40 pages and I’m having a good old time writing it and checking out new stuff in the city!
The first edition Starving Artist’s Guide book is officially available at Barnes and Noble Union Square! I went there last night and in fact saw it on the 1st level…
To help me out, why not write a peachy review of it here or here?
There’s always that handy-dandy copy and paste button if you’re feeling like it…

And finally, last but not least, I’ve released a few free downloads for anyone who is up for listening to a few songs off of my soon-to-be released full length album, Holograms.
You can check the songs out here.

So that’s my infomercial for today, I promise things will begin to heat up on the site soon enough, with new podcasts and the like when I wind down and finish these things. For anyone who is looking for more traditional starving artist fare, check out the “SAG Podcasts” tab and take a listen to some of the previous episodes! Alot of hard work and great artists came in and did them!
For now, peace!

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Starving Artist Radio June Edition
(Right click link above and ‘save as’ or stream here. We’re also in the Itunes Podcast directory by searching ‘starving artist guide’)
In this episode, Johnny talks to professional L.A.R.P.er Ethan Runco about his web series “The Year of The Butterfly,” discusses apartment gardens, worm farms and more. With music by Andy Miller, Texting Mackenzie, OverDose and The Cellophane Flowers. The last song is the new track from The Books.

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Starving Artist Radio April Edition
This episode features music by Wounded Buffalo Theory, Jon McLurg, Ten String Serenade, Laura Maylon and an interview with Laura Meyer.

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Starving Artist Radio February Edition(Right click ‘save as’)
This episode features music from Harpeth Rising, Twin Shadow‘s remix of Mr Little Jeans song “Twins in the Attic,” Daniel Christian, and George Street.
Johnny discusses “The L Magazine’s” 25 Cheap Things to Do in NYC,” the February Short Story Contest, and other odds and ends.

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